Mike Pompeo
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

On Tuesday, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo presented a set of evidence regarding the close relationship between Iran and the           Al Qaeda terrorist organization that has launched bloody attacks in many countries of the world.

Pompeo said, in a press conference, that Iran had become a new version of Afghanistan, but the difference in his view was that al-Qaeda militants were operating in the remote mountains of Afghanistan, while they were receiving official sponsorship in Tehran.

The US Secretary of State added that he is presenting new information, that the Iranian authorities have offered Al-Qaeda to establish a headquarters in the country, but on condition that they abide by local laws.

Pompeo explained that Iran provided generous logistical support to Al Qaeda terrorists, allowing them to obtain passports, and also allowing them to raise money for spending on their plans.

He drew attention to the great danger posed by this Iranian support, especially that Al-Qaeda might benefit from the communications network available to it in Tehran.

He stated that this Iranian involvement in supporting Al Qaeda militants poses a threat to most countries in the world, and therefore, there is no deviation from the past in holding Iran accountable and fighting the war against terrorism.

The US Secretary stated that this suspicious relationship is not new. In 2011, a US federal judge had warned that Al Qaeda had obtained Iranian support.

In the year 2013, the Canadian government concluded that a number of those who had arranged a terrorist plot in New York City took their orders from leaders residing in Iran.

Pompeo noted that al-Qaeda militants have been able to move around the country smoothly and without restrictions since 2015, that is, in conjunction with the nuclear deal that Washington withdrew from in 2018.

Pompeo spoke of prominent Al-Qaeda names that found a foothold in Iran, such as the nickname “Saif Al-Adl” and Abu Muhammad Al-Masry.

The US Secretary indicated that a financial reward of millions of dollars would be allocated to those who help reach prominent terrorist leaders from Al Qaeda, such as the militant known as Abu Abd al-Rahman al-Maghribi.

Pompeo praised the policy of the Donald Trump administration towards Iran and warned about what he described as attempts to appease Iran, despite its persistent hostile behavior.

He said that what Iran is doing is blackmail, describing it as the worst state sponsor of terrorism in the world.

Earlier, Pompeo ridiculed some attempts to find moderate officials in the Iranian regime, saying that the task was more difficult than finding a rhinoceros.


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