Peru’s transitional president, Manuel Merino, resigns after assuming the presidency 5 days
Peru’s transitional president, Manuel Merino

On Sunday, Manuel Merino announced his “irrevocable” resignation from the Peruvian presidency and urged “peace and unity” in a move that observers say could pave the way for a solution to the serious and deep political crisis that the country has faced since he took office five days ago.

Merino announced his resignation in a televised message, shortly after Parliament asked him to resign. The legislative authority also called for an extraordinary plenary session to find a constitutional solution to the crisis and to find a successor to the resigning president.

The announcement of the resignation was met with excitement and applause in the streets, as thousands of citizens continued protests to demand his exit from the government palace. Protests erupted in Beirut against the successor to Merino, and the security forces suppressed them violently, resulting in the killing of 3 demonstrators and wounding hundreds.


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