panorama of mars captured by the perseverance rover
panorama of mars captured by the perseverance rover

The “Perseverance” spacecraft on the surface of Mars captured a 360-degree panoramic view. The high-resolution image was taken by the “Mastercam-Zad” device, and the working team at the American Space Agency (NASA) was astonished.


“NASA” says that the panoramic view was created by gathering 142 images and that the camera system can reveal details as small as 3 to 5 millimeters near the rover, and from two to three meters across the distant slopes along the horizon.

The pictorial view showed the edge of an ancient river delta, and near it was a rock carved by the winds and eroded over millions of years by the movement of grains of Martian sand.

The “Perseverance” spacecraft landed on Mars last week on Thursday, near an ancient river to look for signs of ancient microscopic life, and “Perseverance” will spend the next two years exploring the dry river delta and drilling in rocks, which may bear evidence of life three years ago. Billions or four billion years, and it will collect samples until a return to Earth within a decade. The agency “NASA” has allocated 25 cameras in this mission, which cost $ 3 billion.


The “Curiosity” spacecraft is still working on Mars alongside “Insight”, despite the obstacles it encountered due to dust covering its solar panels. And this coming spring, a Chinese spacecraft may organize these vehicles, after it entered Mars orbit two weeks ago.


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