Pakistan adopts chemical castration law for rapists

Pakistani President Arif Alawi approved today, Wednesday, a decree providing for the implementation of the punishment of chemical castration for rapists, as part of the fight against rape.

According to the local newspaper Dawn, the castration of criminals will take place without their consent, and in case of refusal, the rapist may face the death penalty or life imprisonment.

According to the publication, special courts will be established across the country to expedite investigations into cases of rape of women and children, and courts will have to hear these cases within four months.

The decree also provides for the creation of a database of sexual offenders. Police and government officials who demonstrate negligence in investigating such cases will be sentenced to three years’ imprisonment or fines.

Many rape cases go unreported in Pakistan, due to stigma, and there are no accurate statistics on the number of rape incidents. However, the US State Department stated in its 2010 human rights report that the number of reported rapes had reached 928.


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