US President Donald Trump, who is infected with the Coronavirus, is expected to be discharged from the hospital on Monday, according to doctors.

The exit comes after Trump’s health improved after he was treated for Covid-19 at the Walter Reed Military Medical Center near Washington.

The 74-year-old US President, who was transferred to the Medical Center on Friday, can return to the White House, Monday, as doctors continue to complete the five-day treatment period with the anti-retroviral drug redeliver.

“We remain optimistic about leaving the hospital today, and Trump’s health continued to improve last night,” said White House chief of staff Mark Meadows.

Doctors said the president had not had a fever since Friday and that his liver and kidneys were functioning normally after taking his second dose of redelivering.

In response to a question about the tests revealed about the state of the lungs of President Trump, the doctors said, “There are some expected results, but there is nothing that causes great medical concern.”

Trump’s doctors said that the president is also being treated with Regeneron, a drug that consists of a mixture of antibodies, along with zinc, vitamin D, famotidine, melatonin, and aspirin.

Dr. Brian Garibaldi, one of Trump’s doctors, said, “Today he feels fine. He is moving and not bedridden. Our plan for today is to eat and drink, leave his bed, and move as much as possible.”

He added, “If he continues to feel better and is fine as he was today, we hope that we can plan his departure by tomorrow to the White House, where he can continue his scheduled treatment period.”

US President Donald Trump saluted his supporters outside the hospital where he was being treated for Covid-19 after he left it for a short period on a tour inside his motorcade, which he said on Twitter was a “surprise visit.”
Trump was seen in the motorcade, wearing a dark muzzle, as he greeted his supporters, before returning to Walter Reed Hospital to continue treatment.


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