President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, during the first debate, Tuesday, September 29, 2020

The second debate, which was scheduled for next Thursday, between the US presidential candidates, Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden, has been canceled, according to the independent committee responsible for organizing it.

After the US President was announced with Covid-19, the committee turned this debate, which was scheduled to take place in Miami, Florida, into a virtual meeting via the Internet, which Trump categorically rejected.

Another debate between the two candidates is scheduled for October 22. “It is now clear that there will be no debate on October 15,” the committee said in a statement, noting that it is “currently focusing its attention” on “preparations for the last presidential debate scheduled for October 22” in Nashville, Tennessee.

During the canceled debate, voters were scheduled to ask questions of the candidates. Biden spokesman Andrew Bates said that because of his record, Trump “does not have the courage to respond to voters at the same time” with Biden.

“It is a shame that Donald Trump avoids the only debate in which voters can ask questions, but it is not surprising,” he told AFP.

The US President, who is still being treated for his Covid-19 disease, confirmed Thursday that he refuses to participate in an online presidential debate with his Democratic opponent.

Trump told “Fox Business News” that he would not participate in a similar debate, explaining, “I will not do a virtual debate” – and said that was “unacceptable on our part.” “I will not waste my time in a hypothetical discussion. Debating is not like that,” he added.


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