On Wednesday, the official Twitter accounts of US President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and their two spouses were activated, after four years in which former President Donald Trump’s tweets printed the website’s diaries before it was banned from it.

A spokeswoman for the site confirmed that the account of former President-elect Biden became the presidential account and bore the initials of the words of the President of the United States in English or “Potts”, and Kamala Harris’s account became the official account of the US Vice President and bore the two letters “VIP”, which are the first two letters of the phrase “Vice President.” “In English.

The new Vice President of the United States, minutes after she was sworn in in Washington, published a tweet saying, “Ready to serve.”

Jill Biden’s account became the official account of the American first lady, while an account was created for Douglas Imhoff, Kamala Harris’ husband, called “The Second Mr.”

In his first presidential tweet, Biden said, “There is no time to waste to address the crises facing us.”

The new president’s account is followed by 2.7 million people so far, a number that is on the rise, but it remains well below the 88 million accounts that followed Trump on his personal account before he was banned

Twitter was the billionaire’s primary platform, which he used to make political ads, attack his opponents, and even insult them.

The role of his tweets in the attack by some of his supporters on the Capitol on January 6 during the Biden presidential endorsement session was the last straw for many social media platforms. In the days that followed, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitch, and Twitter all blocked Trump accounts.

And when Trump tried to use the president’s official account to respond, the site immediately deleted his tweets. A spokesman for Twitter explained at the time, “Using another account to avoid comment is against our rules.”

However, the platform’s decision also sparked criticism, as it reflects the influence of the giant technology companies that have in fact exiled a head of state from social networks.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey himself considered that decision a “precedent” that he saw as “dangerous” because it shows “the influence that an individual or company has over part of the global public debate.”

Additional sources • AFP


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