Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's meeting with US President Barack Obama, July 2009
Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s meeting with US President Barack Obama, July 2009
In his memoirs, former US President Barack Obama revealed the details of his meeting with Vladimir Putin, the then Russian prime minister, in July 2009.

And on Tuesday, the British newspaper “The Sun” published excerpts from the first part of Obama’s book “The Promised Land,” which is expected to be published on November 17th. The newspaper quoted Obama as saying that Putin told him, at the beginning of their meeting that took place at the Russian Prime Minister’s residence in the suburbs of Moscow, that he felt sympathy for Obama’s predecessor, President George W. Bush.

According to Obama, Putin recalled that he contacted Bush personally to express his solidarity with him after the September 11 attacks, and even “offered him help in building relations with (the late Iraqi president) Saddam Hussein.”

Obama continues, “But then he announced that Bush attacked Iraq and accused it of destabilizing the entire Middle East.”

According to the former US president, Putin exploded with a long angry sermon in which he accused the United States of numerous injustices and betrayals committed by the Americans against the Russian people.

Obama recounts that his White House employees tried to cut off Putin’s words after he spoke for 35 minutes without stopping, but Obama decided not to stop his 45-minute sermon until it ended and Obama responded to all her theses, explaining that the talks lasted two hours, and it was “like Marathon race. ”

Obama stated that Putin appeared to him to be open even though he was “not enthusiastic” about his point of view.

Source:, citing the newspaper “The Sun”


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