North Korea displays an air defense system similar to S-400
North Korea displays an air defense system similar to S-400

Last Saturday, North Korea demonstrated a defense system very similar to the Russian

S-400” system, during the military parade marking the 75th anniversary of the founding of the republic, according to Sputnik.

MilitaryWatch said the new long-range air defense system, which closely resembles the S-400, is one of the most important additions to North Korea’s arsenal.

With the new air defense system, which is similar to the Russian S-400, it offered mobile radars, but it is not known whether the Korean system uses external radars operating in different ranges, as the S-400 does, or works with a simpler standard detection system, such as the American Patriot.

It is estimated that the new Korean system has a range of 250 km.

And North Korean television showed a video clip of an ICBM, on a transport vehicle with no fewer than 22 wheels.

This is the first time North Korea has displayed ICBMs during a military parade since 2018.

Reuters reported that the “Hwasong-15” missile, the longest-range missile North Korea has tested to date, was also shown, as well as what appeared to be a new ballistic missile launched from a submarine.

For its part, the “Novosti” agency indicated that during the broadcast of the show a huge missile was seen on a transport vehicle, written on it “Bokixon-4”, a name not mentioned before.
In North Korea, the name “Bukixon” (North Star) is usually called a type of missile launched from submarines. Pyongyang has previously manufactured several copies of these missiles, the latest of which is “Bukixon-3”, which was tested in October 2019. Since then, North Korea has not tested any submarine-launched missiles.



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