NorCal rapist is sentenced to 897 years in prison... What were the crimes he committed?
Roy Charles Waller, known as the NorCal Rapist, will now die behind bars after he was sentenced to 897 years in prison for attacking nine women during a 15-year reign of terror in Northern California

Sentenced to a California rapist with up to 897 years in prison. What is the story of the man who spread terror in the hearts of many over the past 15 years? What is the scientific development that enabled the authorities to arrest him?

Roy Charles Waller, known as the NorCal was convicted of kidnapping and raping 9 women between 1991 and 2006, according to a statement issued by the attorney general’s office for Sacramento, the capital of California.

NorCal was convicted by the jury last month of 46 incidents of assaulting the nine women, who testified against the accused for his atrocities, according to the American CNN site.

It took the nine victims, 60-year-old, to seek justice and retribution from the accused Roy Charles Waller.

“In several cases, the accused broke into the house, tied the victims and repeatedly sexually assaulted them,” said police investigator Avis Perry. Berry added that the accused used to “launch his attack in the evening and kidnap the victim and take her to the place where he raped them,” as the accused stole from the victims’ homes.

Since 2006, the police have already accessed evidence from the accused’s DNA, but they were unable to confirm his identity because his name was not found on the California criminal database. But the authorities were finally able to approach the accused in 2018 when he left his trail at the site of a new attack on another victim.

Using investigative genetic genealogy (IGG), the family of the accused was identified, and the police then began to suspect Waller and arrest him.

The Sacramento District Attorney’s office said, “Victims have waited for justice for decades, and it is only through the use of IGG that Waller can be identified and arrested.”


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