Nicole Kidman
Nicole Kidman
What some think is an aesthetic feature of the extraordinary height of women, which gives them additional beauty, may frighten some of its owners and keep this fear silently inside them. There are women around the world who are taller than their partners, and they do not find the difference in height any problem,
but international actress Nicole Kidman, who won an Oscar, has spent three decades in Hollywood since making her profession and achieved success in it in the early eighties when she was only 22 years old, and she was distinguished by extreme frankness. Her height is not considered an aesthetic feature at all, and she revealed her suffering from it in her first adolescence.

The 53-year-old Australian international actress, Nicole Kidman, revealed in an interview with the British magazine “Glamor”, which topped the cover of its new digital issue for the month of November, her secret suffering from her height, and said that she was suffering in her adolescence from fears and lack of A sense of safety, due to her height at the time, which was five feet 10 inches.

And Nicole added that at the age of 13, she did not consider her height advantage, and she did not like that at all.

On the extent of her liberation as an actress in Hollywood and her ability to choose her roles, Nicole said: “Although it is surprising that I have some control of myself as an actress, the actual reality of that is far-fetched.”

Well, you make about four or five good jobs, and then they usually finish. ”

Nicole Kidman is currently living in lockdown quiet with her family

It is worth noting that he will be showing her new musical:

The Prom, on December 11th, directed by Ryan Murphy, and from the international starring star Nicole Kidman as Angie Dickinson, and she co-stars: Meryl Streep as De De Allen, James Corden as Barry Glickman, Andrew Rannells as Trent Oliver, And Ariana Depose as Alyssa Green.

Nicole Kidman is currently living quietly during the lockdown period with her family, and spending the most beautiful times with her own family, and is committed to all public safety measures to protect herself and her family from infection with the new Coronavirus.


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