Lionel messi
Lionel Messi

Barcelona threatened legal action against “El Mundo” newspaper for publishing the details of Lionel Messi’s recent contract with the Catalan club. According to the newspaper, Messi’s deal with Barcelona is worth 555 million euros over four seasons, signed in 2017.

The club said on its official website that it denies any responsibility for publishing the document and will take appropriate legal action against the newspaper for any damage that may occur as a result of the publication.

On the streets of Barcelona, ​​criticism escalated over the amount of money included in the contract, a citizen named Roger Massana said: “The president of the club is gambling with our money… I think he gives a lot of money for what this player gives to Barcelona. I think it’s a lot.”

But mechanic Antonio Troia was more supportive of Messi as he said, “I think if some footballers get more money than other athletes, it is because they generate that money too. And I think if soccer players make more money than other athletes, why not get them “Get funds accordingly. Media rights and photo rights. It wouldn’t be fair. If they don’t generate millions of revenue in a big club, they won’t get that money.”

The Argentine player, Lionel Messi, of Barcelona, ​​made a total income of more than 555 million euros between November 2017 and June 2021, local “El Mundo” revealed on Sunday, while his club threatened to sue the newspaper.

El Mundo titled a report that refuted the details of the enormous numbers of the contract signed by Messi in November 2017 and expires next summer, “The Pharaonic Decade of Leo Messi who drowns Barcelona.”

According to the newspaper, “the contract will rise to a total of 555.237 million euros distributed over four seasons until its end at the end of next June. This figure is the sum of his fixed salary, his image rights, a series of hitherto unpublished bonuses, fees, and a set of bonuses dependent on specific goals.”

“The player won 511.299 million euros, which is about 92 percent of the total he aspires to,” she added.

She explained that “the net amount, after deducting taxes and social security deductions, represents more than half of this amount: about 297 million euros.”

Without counting the image rights, Messi reaps 138.8 million euros (net 74.9 million) annually or 380 thousand euros (net 210 thousand euros) per day.

After signing a new contract with Barcelona, ​​Messi automatically received an extension bonus of more than 97 million euros, which he collected in two installments in December 2017 and December 2018. On the same occasion, his penalty clause increased from 250 to 700 million euros.

And if he wins the Champions League, Messi will receive a reward of 3.5 million euros, which has not happened since his contract was extended.

In contrast, if he won the Spanish League (twice since 2017), the reward would be 2.3 million euros, and the Domestic Cup (once) 591,000 euros.

Messi’s contract contains 30 pages and is “the largest in the history of sports,” according to the Spanish daily. It was kept secret until today.

These figures come in light of the talk of large debts that Barcelona is suffering under, which is currently without a president in light of the postponement of the elections to March 7 due to the Coronavirus.

The Mosquito contract of 33 years expires in June and he can negotiate with other clubs to move into its ranks since early January.

Barcelona announced on Sunday in a statement that it “categorically denies its responsibility for publishing the professional contract (of Lionel Messi) and will take legal action against El Mundo.”

And he wanted the best player in the world six times to leave his team in the summer of 2020 after a painful loss to Bayern Munich 2-8 in the quarter-finals of the Champions League.

He was forced to stay by former president Josep Maria Bartomeu due to a clause in his contract, in light of the extension of the season due to the Coronavirus.


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