New York State Attorney Leticia James
New York State Attorney Leticia James

New York Attorney Leticia James said on Tuesday that her office is investigating allegations that several people have received automated calls asking voters not to vote on Election Day.

“Attempts to prevent voters from exercising their right to cast their ballot are frustrating, worrying and wrong … What’s more, it is illegal and will not be tolerated,” Leticia James said in a statement.

The New York State Attorney stressed that “the vote is the cornerstone of our democracy.”

Her office earlier this week issued subpoenas to investigate the source of the automated calls that allegedly spread disinformation.

Earlier, the US state of Nebraska authorities confirmed that unknown persons had contacted local citizens, calling on them not to participate in voting in the presidential elections.

Nebraska’s Secretary of State, Robert Evnin, said, via Twitter, that his office had received reports about anonymous phone calls to polling participants calling on them to “stay home and stay safe.”

And the direct voting operations began Tuesday in the US presidential elections, in which the incumbent President, Republican Donald Trump, and former US Vice President, Democratic candidate, Joe Biden are competing.

American voters went to the polls after about 100 million of them cast their votes early by mail and remotely voting, which represents record participation in this mechanism required by the requirements of the Corona pandemic.

The election race comes at a time when the United States is experiencing major domestic problems due to the Coronavirus pandemic, an economic crisis, a high level of unemployment, and the tension caused by racism and police violence and the accompanying mass protests, while opinion polls indicate Biden is ahead of Trump in terms of popularity.

Source: Reuters


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