Dana Elaine Owens known artistically as Queen Latifah
Dana Elaine Owens has known artistically as Queen Latifah
American actress and rapper Dana Elaine Owens, known artistically as: “Queen Latifah“, who is “50 years old” has achieved wide international fame for her comedies in character and exciting as well

so that millions are asking to watch new films for her, especially after the general closure imposed restrictions on Hollywood and its stars All their cinematic work was postponed in 2020, and everyone expects that after the start of the vaccination operations in Britain and the United States, the cinematic activity will return strongly in the first quarter of 2021 next.

Most of Queen Latifah’s films shed light on strong middle-class women who are able to resist their conditions to fulfill all their romantic and social dreams, and she decided that her new film should be the same as her previous cinematic approach.
According to Variety, American actress Queen Latifah is planning to star in and produce “End of the Road” and will be faced with Millicent Shelton’s directing.
And he is writing the screenplay for the new movie: Writer David Lugrey, based on an original screenplay by Christopher Moore, and writer David Lugrey is best known for many works, most notably Obsessed and The Intruder.
The events of the film revolve around the powerful widow Brenda, who leads her family across the country to start a new life, after losing her job, and during isolation in the desert in New Mexico, the family must learn to resist, when its members are targeted by a mysterious killer.
CBS also announced the launch of its new series The Equalizer in the TV season 2020-2021, starring: Latifa Queen, and written by Andrew Marlow and Terry Miller.
Also in this TV show, Latifa Quinn will appear as the tough woman, playing a mysterious woman who uses her own vast skills to help people who have nowhere else to go.
It is noteworthy that Queen Latifah is a distinguished actress, and has been frequently nominated for Golden Globe, Emmy, and Oscar awards.


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