The company “Amazon” revealed a new unmanned plane called “Ring Alois Home Cam”, which can fly and move around the house and photograph everything, and be used for security reasons related to protection.

The price of “Ring Olise Home Cam” is about 249 US dollars, and it was one of the most prominent products that Amazon recently launched. His phone.

According to “Amazon”, “The plane can be used to check if the owner of the house left the stove on, or the window open, and the plane will record video only during flight, and it will make a clear humming sound when filming.”

However, many followers and tweeters raised several questions about privacy in light of the presence of this new plane in the house.

Walt Mossberg, a tech product reviewer and a member of the board of directors of the News Literacy Project, tweeted, “In a country where no laws are regulating digital privacy, someone who buys this plane from a company with a history of privacy issues is considered insane.”

For his part, another activist said via “Twitter”: “An unmanned camera connected to the Internet for your home, owned by Amazon, this is a nightmare for privacy.”

Meanwhile, Dave Limb, the CEO in charge of Amazon devices, noted that “the company has made major investments in camera security, such as two-factor authentication and end-to-end encryption,” and said, “If Mossberg doesn’t want to buy this plane.” Without a pilot, that’s fine. ”

Limb pointed out that “the product came because of technological progress and consumer interest in indoor surveillance cameras, and the sensors became good and cheap enough to operate an indoor drone safely, and people did not put a camera in every room for reasons such as not having ports in the right place, so the plane can” Drone filling the void. ”

Also, the company revealed in a statement about the responsibility that “the plane has not been licensed by the Federal Communications Commission, and it may not be authorized at all, and will not be available next year, without permission.” However, Limb clarified that he “expects that Amazon will obtain approval and authorization, and start shipping to some people by the end of this year.”



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