Benjamin Netanyahu and Donald Trump
Benjamin Netanyahu and Donald Trump

On Tuesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu removed a picture of US President Donald Trump that he had placed at the top of his Twitter account, in an apparent break with a political ally facing possible accountability.

The image of Netanyahu sitting next to Trump during a meeting at the White House continued to occupy this high position at the expense of the Israeli prime minister, as a sign of the close ties between the conservative Israeli leader and the popular Republican president in Israel, according to Reuters.

Another picture of Netanyahu getting a Coronavirus vaccine topped his Twitter page with the slogan “O citizens of Israel, we will return to life.”

Netanyahu retained his image with Trump even after the latter was defeated in the US election in November by Democrat Joe Biden.

No explanation was published on Netanyahu’s website to remove Trump’s image, the day before the US House of Representatives expected to move to start examining the impeachment of the president for the second time after the storming of Congress last week.

On Thursday, Israeli media quoted Netanyahu as saying that the Trump supporters stormed the Congress building “a disgraceful act” and deserve condemnation.

The Israeli Prime Minister added, “I have no doubt that American democracy will prevail.”


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