Diego Maradona
Diego Maradona

Mystery still shrouds the death of the legendary Argentine player and coach Diego Armando Maradona, who led the Argentina national football team to win the World Cup in 1986,

nearly a month after his sudden and shocking departure for millions of his fans around the world, as Diego Armando Maradona died at his home of a heart attack on Wednesday 25 November. – November, at the age of 60, two weeks after leaving the hospital, and after undergoing surgery due to a brain hemorrhage earlier in November.

Did Maradona commit suicide, or did his negligent physician cause his death?

According to various media outlets, accusations were pointed at Maradona’s private doctor, “Alfredo Cahe”, for causing his death. The doctor and close friend of the late Maradona, accused of causing his death due to neglecting his medical care, came out to set off a shocking surprise for his fans, noting that the death was “a kind of suicide.”.

Did Maradona commit suicide under the influence of depression?

According to the newspaper “Marca”, Maradona’s private doctor and close friend Alfredo Cahe explained on the “Intratables” program that Maradona was suffering from a brain hemorrhage, and he did not have Alzheimer’s at all and that for this reason he was stuttering, and also revealed the reason for his belief that he had He died of suicide, and that this may be due to a state of depression that Maradona went through after brain surgery, and he expressed his belief that Maradona might have stopped taking his medicine, revealing that one of Maradona’s friends told him that he was tired of living

He tried to commit suicide in his car

Maradona’s private doctor claimed that Maradona tried to commit suicide once in Cuba when he drove towards an oncoming bus, but he escaped from the shock, it was a miracle that he survived, and he asked Maradona afterward if he wanted to commit suicide, and he said that he responded: “Maybe one day,” what do I know?”.
In the days before Maradona’s death, Maradona’s private physician said that he had spoken with Veronica Ojeda, a friend of the former soccer player and mother of one of his children, and claims that Veronica told him: “You know that Diego said he was tired of living, and he does not want to continue anymore because Do everything. ”
Maradona’s private physician, Alfredo Cahe, added: “I did not see him in the clinic with full monitoring, I did not see him care about an ongoing nursing plan, he was not properly taken care of, he should have stayed in the hospital, not in an uninfected home, he had suffered years of documented health struggles. Well, including the fights with both alcohol and drug addiction, as well as obesity before his death. ”
Questions are still raised about the death of the football legend Maradona until further notice.


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