mysterious pink ball appears near a meteorite fall site in China
A meteorite is approaching the earth

Professor Yevgeny Zobko of Kyung Hee University (South Korea) announced that the diameter of the meteorite fell in China up to two meters, and its mass is about 10 tons.

It is reported that the China Seismological Center announced at 7.25 a.m. local time (2.25 Moscow time) that a meteorite-like object had fallen in Yushu District of Qinghai Province, according to “tv Zvezda“.

Zobko says:

“The phenomenon of meteorite fall is not rare. Asteroid debris, comet cores, and even large planetary moons like the moon may fall. But in this case, it is likely a large object. When they penetrate the Earth’s atmosphere, they heat up to a temperature of 3-4 thousand degrees Celsius and glow.” “It seems that the radius of the object that fell in China is one meter and its mass is about 10 tons. The fall of meteorites of this size is rare, and it occurs about once in a billion meteorite fall of one centimeter in diameter.

Interestingly, many eyewitnesses filmed the fall of this object, even though most of the meteorites fell into the ocean or in remote, uninhabited places.

Zobko  noted that:

   “The glow of this object lasted about 30 seconds, and it did not fall vertically, but at a sharp angle. Because if it fell vertically, it would cut the thickness of the atmosphere within only three seconds. If the meteorite was detected from several different points, it would be possible to plot its path and determine its fall area.”

And Zubko indicates that the Japanese meteorological satellite “Himawari-8” detected the smoke effect of the body as well. Determining the radiation of the body on the ground also allows it to be found, in addition to the effect left by its explosion upon hitting the ground, especially since its size is large.




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