The most heinous rape crime in Britain ... 200 victims are lured and assaulted after drugging them

The British authorities have closed the curtain on one of the most heinous rape crimes, as the rapist lured his male victims and drugged them before assaulting them and filmed them in immoral conditions to blackmail them after seizing their valuable belongings such as phones, watches, etc.

The court convicted Reynhard Sinaga, who is described as the owner of the largest number of rape crimes in the country, last January, for luring 48 men to go with him to his Manchester apartment and photograph them while he was sexually assaulting and raping them.

He was sentenced to 30 years in prison, but recently the sentence was increased to 40 years after some victims filed complaints against him.

Senaga, who was a graduate student, waited for the men as they left the nightclubs and lured them to his apartment on Princess Street on the outskirts of Manchester city center.

The rapist drugged his victims and sexually assaulted them after they lost consciousness. He often filmed rape scenes and collected what he called prizes from them, such as their phones and similar personal belongings.

The police arrested Senaga after one of his victims regained consciousness during his sexual assault and began to defend himself and then reported the incident to the authorities.

Police found hundreds of hours of video footage of rape and sexual assault scenes on the Sinaga phone they confiscated, leading to the largest rape investigation in UK history.


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