Coronavirus swab test
Coronavirus swab test

Almost a year has passed since the emergence of the new Coronavirus, which has so far caused the death of more than 1,76 million people in the world, according to a census conducted by Agence France-Presse based on official sources.

The United States is the country most affected by the epidemic, with 333,140 deaths and 19.14 million infections recorded since the beginning of the epidemic, followed by Brazil with 191,139 deaths out of 7.48 million cases, and India with 147,901 deaths from 10.21 million injuries.

But the number of injuries relative to their population (101, 90 and 11, respectively per 100,000 people), these three countries are less harmful than countries such as Belgium (166), Italy (119), Peru (114), Spain (107) and the United Kingdom (104).

Delayed delivery of vaccines in the European Union

The Spanish Ministry of Health announced Monday that the delivery of the vaccine against Covid-19 to eight European countries, including Spain, will be delayed a little due to a logistical problem at the Pfizer factory in Belgium, the day after the start of the vaccination campaign in the European Union, and the Spanish Minister of Health explained that the problem is “related to” By temperature control “and it” apparently resolved. ”

In France, the Health Defense Council meets in France on Tuesday, while many MPs, especially in the East, expressed their concern about the resurgence of the epidemic, and Nancy Mayor Matthew Klein considered Monday that the local closure is “inevitable.”

Reims Mayor Arnaud Robent made a similar appeal last week, and Health Minister Olivier Ferrand on Sunday did not rule out re-imposing the lockdown for the third time.

Record infections with the British strain in Korea
In South Korea, infections with the new strain of Coronavirus that were discovered in Britain were recorded. The three infected people, who were quarantined upon their arrival on December 22, after the results of their positive Covid-19 tests, came from one family living in London.

Studies presented in the UK have stated that the British strain is more contagious than the original strain, but there is no evidence yet that it causes more serious forms.

Trump signs the economic recovery plan
In the United States, Donald Trump signed on Sunday evening a new $ 900 billion economic recovery plan, granting subsidies to families and small businesses affected by Covid-19, after threatening to use his veto power.

The expiration of two federal unemployment benefits programs for 12 million Americans who lost their jobs at midnight Saturday forced the US president to back down, less than a month before he left the White House.

The Brazilian Vice President was infected with Corona
In Brazil, the positive result of a Covid-19 test was confirmed by the 67-year-old Brazilian Vice President Hamilton Murao, and he was placed in quarantine, without providing details of his health condition.

This joins many members of the Brazilian government who have contracted the virus in recent months, and all of them have recovered after suffering mild symptoms. President Jair Bolsonaro, who was skeptical of the severity of the virus and the quarantine measures taken to contain it, had contracted Covid-19 in early July.

A citizen journalist was convicted in China
In China, Zhang Shan, a “citizen journalist” who was arrested after covering the quarantine in Wuhan, was sentenced to four years in prison Monday. Zhang is originally from Shanghai and went to Wuhan, where the Covid-19 epidemic was spreading, in February.

She posted video reports on social media, especially related to chaos in hospitals before she was arrested in May on charges of “inciting unrest.”

Zhang was tried, as the communist regime seeks to make people forget the emergence of the new Coronavirus on its soil at the end of 2019. It is expected that a team from the World Health Organization in early January will reveal the origin of the epidemic.



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