Zara Holland
Zara Holland

Like it or not, the reason for the increase in the number of infections in some countries is the neglect of many people infected with the Coronavirus to take the necessary precautionary measures to protect others from infection, and Miss Britain Zara Holland was arrested in Barbados for not adhering to the procedures and for her indifferent breach.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, Barbados authorities have arrested the former Miss Britain, Zara Holland, aged 25, after she tried to return to Britain with her boyfriend Elliot Love, who was “30 years old”, despite their confirmation that they were infected with the new Coronavirus “Covid 19” “.

She broke Coronavirus procedures and tried to flee with her boyfriend to the airport

And before the arrest, Zara Holland and her friend Elliott Love had been subjected to a coronavirus test upon their arrival on the island, according to the procedures followed when receiving tourists, and after they obtained a positive result with Elliott Love, the duo Zara Holland and Elliott Love received red bracelets, in a known signal They were infected with the Coronavirus, but they cut it off, and tried to flee to the airport in a taxi.
A worker at the Sugar Bay Resort, which has a one-night stay of £ 300, found the bracelets and called the police, and after trying to reach Holland and her friend, they had arrived at the airport, and it was reported that the couple had been held since last night in the ward for people with Coronavirus in St. Lucy’s Hospital north Barbados.

Zara Holland allowed returning to the hotel

A Barbados police spokesman said: “Zara Holland has been released from the hospital to go to the private hotel in which she is staying, while her friend Elliot Love, who is infected with Coronavirus, remains in hospital isolation.”
Holland and her boyfriend are set to face criminal charges, including endangering the lives of others, a fine of £ 18,000 each, and 12 months in prison for violating the rules.
Zara Holland was stripped of her Miss Great Britain title after doing scandalous acts with her boyfriend during a live reality TV show.
It is noteworthy that Zara Holland and her friend Elliott Love, since the beginning of their relationship in 2016, preferred to spend their vacations on the island of Barbados, and spent many holidays there, but their holidays at the beginning of 2021 were not an ideal beginning of the year for them, and it seems that they did not respect the precautionary measures to prevent Coronavirus and exposure The lives of others of infection and danger, fleeing to the airport.


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