Michael Jackson many years after his death  The 2020's Top-Earning Singer
Michael Jackson many years after his death The 2020’s Top-Earning Singer
Many people are on top of success and fame, and their business achieves a high annual income even after a long time has passed since their death and death. Among the most prominent of these is the late American King of Pop, Michael Jackson, who died of cardiac arrest due to an overdose of drugs in 2009 at the age of 50 years. According to various media outlets, Michael Jackson is the deceased star with the highest-earning for 2020 among the late rival stars, with a financial income of $ 48 million.

His daughter is Paris Jackson

The heirs and family of Michael Jackson benefit from the annual revenues of his complete musical works, most notably: his 22-year-old daughter, Paris Jackson, who released her first album, and said that the great pain of losing him made it what it is today.

Paris was 11 years old when her father Michael Jackson died in 2009, but she continues to speak in her press interviews, that the tragedy of losing him as a father is what made her what he is today.


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