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Angela Merkel and Donald trump

German Chancellor Angela Merkel considered the social media giants’ decision to permanently suspend US President Donald Trump’s accounts as “problematic.”

“The decision by social media giants to permanently suspend Donald Trump’s accounts is problematic because freedom of opinion should not be decided by the heads of these online platforms,” ​​a spokesman for the German chancellor said on Monday.

The statement stated that “the basic right to freedom of opinion is a basic right of primary importance, and this basic right can be interfered with, but through the law and within the framework specified by the legislation, and not by the decision of managing social media platforms.”

Merkel had previously expressed her anger and sadness at the Trump supporters’ storming of the US Congress.

“Yesterday we all saw the disturbing images of the storming of the US Congress,” she said at a government meeting in the wake of the chaos in Washington. “These pictures angered me and saddened me as well.”

Merkel described the aggressors who stormed the Congress building while expressing confidence that the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden would be completed as scheduled.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat suspended the accounts of the US President after he addressed his supporters after their attack on the Congress building last Wednesday.

Twitter suspended Trump’s account permanently late Friday and prevented him from communicating with his followers, who reach nearly 90 million followers.

The famous social networking site indicated that his decision stems from “the risks of inciting more violence”, three days after Trump urged thousands of his supporters to march to Congress during a session to ratify his defeat by his Democratic rival Joe Biden in the presidential elections.

Later, Trump used an official government account on Twitter to criticize the company, addressing the “great patriots” who voted for him, who numbered 75 million, and said, “We will not be silenced,” noting that he is considering establishing his own social media platform.

Twitter quickly removed the posts and suspended the Trump campaign account.

The chaos caused by what happened, which shocked the world, resulted in the death of one police officer and four others.

After the outgoing US President’s account on Twitter was permanently suspended, his supporters turned to another platform, “Parler”, where they continued to express their anger at the election results, and they continued to post calls for demonstrations.

Google dealt a new blow to Trump and his supporters by temporarily removing the “Parler” app from its store.



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