The Bone Conduction mask filters out dust, bacteria, and other suspended particles while allowing you to make calls and listen to music.

Masks have become an urgent necessity at the time of the spread of Corona, but they can be cumbersome and prevent some activities such as talking on the phone and listening to music.

The design of the “Bon Connection” sports mask is characterized by advanced technology, with excellent filtering of air particles, as well as Bluetooth for listening to music and calls.

The mask’s battery, which lasts for 7 hours, can be recharged, and this specialized mask can be obtained for $ 84.99.

This unique mask features a bone conduction headphone to free your ears and reduce direct damage to the eardrum, as it ensures that you enjoy private music while still being able to receive sounds from your surroundings, keeping you alert and aware of what is going on around you all the time.


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