Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey

In the season of holidays and holidays, there are live and immortal songs that are specific to them without other songs that do not fit the spirit of Christmas and New Year’s Day, and among these immortal songs suitable for the spirit of Christmas and the reunion of the family includes a wonderful song by the famous singer Mariah Carey.

According to various media outlets, the Christmas song “All I Want for Christmas Is You“, performed by the famous American singer Mariah Carey 26 years ago, returned to the fore in the public interest around the world last weekend.
The song was most downloaded on the music-streaming platform “Spotify”.

Most downloaded in the world
On Saturday and Sunday, 12 million downloads were recorded for this song, which dates back to the year 1994, and became the next most downloaded in the world.
The song also occupied the first place in the US “Billboard” rating, which was topped it last year as well.

Mariah Caria is happy
The famous American singer “50 years old” Mariah Carey, on social media, expressed her happiness and satisfaction with the “sustainable success” of this Christmas song par excellence, which has become for millions of deep connotations and has become more than a song for many of them.

She thanked millions of her fans around the world

Mariah Carey, on her Instagram account on Tuesday 22 December 2020, thanked millions of her fans and expressed her gratitude to every fan in every country for his love and support for her and for uploading her unique Christmas songs: “All I Want For Christmas Is You “The secret of this is that her words, meanings, and music express the warmth of Christmas, and the warmth of love itself when she says her words:” All I want for Christmas is you. ”

Mariah Carey published a video clip celebrating the success of this song, which has continued for two and a half decades and has generated millions of dollars in revenue.
Many artists around the world have presented their own versions of this song, which occupies a major position in playlists on music platforms every year since its release 26 years ago.

The use of the song in the closing scenes of “Love Ackley” with Hugh Grant, which is widely re-broadcast annually during the end-of-year holidays, contributes to the spread of the song that entered the popular music culture in terms of Christmas business in the past two decades.
It is noteworthy that this song has become, for more than a quarter of a century, one of the most beautiful and popular songs of millions of Americans, Europeans, and even Arabs, who are good at enjoying the holidays, who feel the spirit of Christmas, and who enjoy hearing the song with those who love at Christmas.



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