Maradona's doctor is under investigation for manslaughter
Maradona Doctor

Argentina’s public prosecutor’s office said the country’s judicial authorities will investigate the death of soccer star Diego Maradona and order searches of his personal doctor’s property on Sunday.

Police raided the office and home of Doctor Leopoldo Loki on Sunday, looking for evidence of possible professional neglect, according to the prosecution and television images.

Judicial sources indicated that the suspicion of Loki, who had surgery for Maradona at the beginning of November for a brain tumor, does not automatically mean that he is arrested by the police or his freedom is restricted. The Argentine judiciary opened an investigation Friday about the possibility of negligence in receiving the necessary care, which led to the death of Maradona on Wednesday.

The investigation was launched after statements by Maradona’s daughters, Dalma, Giannina, and Jana, about the treatment of heart problems of the 1986 World Cup winner at his residence in Tigre, north of the Argentine capital.

A judicial source in San Isidro said, “We continue investigations by collecting testimonies, including those of Maradona’s family members.” Loki declined to comment when contacted by Agence France-Presse.

Argentine soccer legend Diego Armando Maradona died on Wednesday, November 25, at the age of 60, as a result of a heart attack on the outskirts of the capital Buenos Aires, his spokesman Sebastian Sanchi told AFP.


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