Diego Maradona
Diego Maradona
Argentine legend Diego Maradona underwent brain surgery, due to a hematoma, late Tuesday evening local time, but he is still under observation, as announced by his doctor Leopoldo Luque.

“The hematoma was removed, and Diego responded well to the operation. Everything is under control. He woke up but he will remain under observation,” Loki said after undergoing the operation, which lasted about two hours, in a private clinic in Buenos Aires.

Maradona was rushed, Tuesday afternoon, to the private clinic at La Plata Hospital, where he had been since Monday, suffering from anemia and dehydration.

Groups of Maradona fans gathered in front of the clinic in Olivos city and carried slogans encouraging their favorite star, including one with the phrase “Come on, Diego”. These groups received the news of the success of the surgery by chanting his name and singing songs in support of him.

The ambulance that transported Argentine soccer legend Diego Maradona, Buenos Aires, November 3, 2020
The ambulance that transported Argentine soccer legend Diego Maradona, Buenos Aires, November 3, 2020

We love you, Diego Armando!
Oscar Medina came with his wife to support the Argentine star, “in order to support the best player of all time,” he said. He added in a statement to Agence France-Presse: “Once again, Diego suffered from health problems, but his body is resisting and will recover with the support of the people,” before adding, “We love you, Diego Armando!”

As for Matthias de Seusio, he said: “I feel deeply sad and unable to do anything, but we will remain at his side until the last day.”

Loki had reassured the supporters of the Argentine star, who won the World Cup in 1986 with his country, that his health was improving and that he wanted to leave the hospital on Tuesday morning, and he told reporters who gathered outside the clinic: “It is much better than yesterday, he wants to leave, I wish he stays another day.” “He suffers from anemia, and he is a little dehydrated, and we have to correct that and make sure that his health improves,” noting that the 1986 world champion “had a good night” and that he was “in a good mood.”

But Loki returned and confirmed in the afternoon that the x-rays that Maradona underwent showed the presence of a hematoma in the brain, which would require surgery, noting that the operation “is a routine procedure and nothing more.”

The football legend, who celebrated his 60th birthday a few days ago, had taken Monday to the hospital for medical examinations, according to Loki, who ruled out any relationship between his current health condition and the new Coronavirus that is sweeping Argentina, placing a large part of it in quarantine. “He’s an elderly patient who has had a lot of stress in his life. It is a time when he needs our help. It is very difficult to be a Maradona,” said Loki at the time. In a situation, I would love to see him in. I spoke to him previously, and I told him: Let’s go to the clinic to get a little better, and he replied: Well, let’s go.

The introduction of the current trainer of Khnazia Asgriema came a week after he was placed in quarantine as a preventive measure, after one of his contacts showed symptoms of the Coronavirus, as revealed by local newspapers last Tuesday.

On Friday, Maradona insisted on celebrating his birthday by joining his players for a short period during one of the training sessions, but it was clear that he was having difficulty walking and needed help from those near him during the thirty minutes he spent on the field.

The Argentine star’s life permeated many health problems, some of which were on the verge of death.

In 2000, Maradona suffered a heart attack after a drug overdose in the port city of Punta del Este, after which he underwent a long treatment in Cuba.

In 2004, when he weighed more than 100 kilograms, he suffered another heart attack in Buenos Aires but survived, and then underwent a stomach operation that allowed him to lose 50 kilograms.

In 2007, his excessive alcohol use resulted in him being hospitalized.


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