malicious software threatening phones and computers
malicious software threatening phones and computers

Experts at Microsoft have warned of the spread of malicious software that could threaten the data privacy of devices and browsers used by millions of users around the world.

Microsoft experts pointed out that, between May and August of this year, they discovered hundreds of thousands of infections with the Adrozek malware around the world, which was controlling more than 30,000 users’ browsers every day.

The danger in this software, according to experts, is that it can penetrate the data of famous browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and others, and direct users of these browsers to untrustworthy sites through which they control the data of their browsers and devices through malware.

Adrozek malware causes malicious programs to be activated in users ‘computers, disables safe browsing features in browsers, and also disables features to verify the integrity of files that users download over the Internet, as well as modifies the default search engine in users’ computers, and allows the malware to run in Putting the cryptic browser on users’ computers without realizing it, and by displaying unwanted ads on search pages across the Internet.

Source: ixbit


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