Major malfunction affects Google services in the world
Major malfunction affects Google services in the world

Google services, including email “Gmail” and the “YouTube” platform, to share video recordings, left the service in large parts of the world on Monday due to a major failure. And began to receive reports about the holidays from Internet users from different regions in the world around 11.50 GMT, according to the site, “Dawn Detector” specialized.

Within minutes, social media was flooded with tags talking about the suspension of Google and YouTube at a time when millions of internet users tried unsuccessfully to access the American search service. Google indicated that the malfunction affected all its services for “most” users. But by 12:30 GMT, Google announced that its services began to return to some users, indicating that they would soon return to all users.

All of Google’s main services appeared to be affected, including Gmail, Google Maps, Google Drive, and YouTube. However, it seems that the malfunction did not affect all users, as some indicated that the services did not stop working for them.



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