French President Emmanuel Macron
French President Emmanuel Macron
French President Emmanuel Macron published an article in the “Financial Times” newspaper, in which he tried to clarify his position on the Islamic religion and “Islamic separatism”, in which he called for the facts to be investigated before attributing them to him.

Macron initially criticized the British newspaper, which he said had “distorted” his statements in one of the articles, after the phrase “Islamist separatism” was translated as “Islamic separatism”, meaning attribution to the Islamic religion, instead of “Islamist separatism” relative to the extremist currents that claim themselves to Islam…

Macron asserted that he had never used the term “Islamic separatism” or Islamic separatism, stressing that the newspaper’s article had falsely accused him of defaming Muslims and attempting to exploit them for electoral purposes.

He added that France is fighting “those who fear that they will take a knife and kill people at any moment, and are combating hatred and death schemes that threaten their children, not Islam, at all.”

He continued, “France knows what it owes to Islamic civilization: its mathematics, sciences and architecture … and has announced the establishment of an institute in Paris to introduce the wealth of this great civilization. France is the country from which Muslim leaders speak from when the worst happens, and they call on their followers to fight extremist Islamism and defend freedom of expression”.

It is noteworthy that the “Financial Times” newspaper had deleted the article referred to by the French President, saying that it contained errors in the information regarding France and its position on extremism.

France’s relationship with the Arab and Islamic worlds has witnessed tensions in the recent period, following the re-publication of the cartoons insulting to the Prophet Muhammad.

Source: “The Financial Times”


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