Lily Collins
Lily Collins
In the time of corona, the majority of celebrities are on forced leave from work, and this vacation resulted in more time for their private lives to devote to themselves and those they love, and the young actress Lily Collins did so.

According to various media outlets, the young British-American actress, “31-year-old” Lily Collins is flying in the sky of happiness, and sits alongside her fiancé, director Charlie McDowell, at its summit away from the hustle and bustle of the many worlds.
Lily Collins confirmed that she would restore her calm and balance by walking with her fiancé, director Charlie McDowell, in the midst of nature.


She will soon begin filming the second season of her movie “Emily in Paris”

Lily Collins revealed that she is now at the height of her happiness because she plays the role of fiancée in reality and life under a temporary professional break from acting before she begins filming the second season of her movie “Emily in Paris”, which achieved great international success, and actress Courtney Cox was the star of the series ” Friends “famous, one of the most prominent fans of the film and a night performance in it, and expressed her feeling of placing delicate expressive forms in the social media.

Nature and her fiancé save her from stress and life pressures

Charlie McDowell and lily Collins
Charlie McDowell and Lily Collins

Lily Collins explained the reasons for her happiness, psychological stability, and deep calm, and she did not forget to attribute the merit of this matter to her fiancé Charlie McDowell and nature. Nature rehab with their dog.
Collins added that she loves to explore nature and feels that she is exploring herself at the same time, and getting rid of her stress and life’s pressures.
On September 25 – September 2020, Lily Collins and her fiancé, director Charlie McDowell, announced their engagement after nearly two years had passed since their romance, which was strictly confidential and in great privacy, was limited to them only with the two without the presence of any member of their family through a post for them together in their private accounts on the site Social communication, “Instagram”, attached him to a picture in which Charlie bends in the midst of nature during a joint trip in the state of Arizona in front of Lily, raising the unconventional engagement ring asking her to marry in nature, and another picture of Lily’s hand wearing the engagement ring and indicating her quick approval, and her official association with him, She described how she felt in a comment in which she said, “The purest happiness I have ever felt.”
She also posted a third picture of them exchanging an engagement kiss, and wrote romantic words next to the pictures in which she said: “I have waited for you all my life, I cannot wait until we start our life together.”
Lily Collins and Charlie McDowell congratulated their engagement with a slew of Hollywood celebrities at their head: Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Garner, and Ciara.
It is noteworthy that Lily Collins and her fiancé, Charlie McDowell, love nature very much. And they felt their journeys with a lot of comforts, reassurance, and eternal happiness despite all the unexpected changes of 2020, and they were often cut off from the outside world and switched off their mobile phones.


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