Learn about the 12 scenes of "Trump" in Hollywood

The US elections occupy a great deal of global attention these days, as the battle is fierce between Republican President Donald Trump and his Democratic rival, Joe Biden.

Away from the burning political atmosphere, Trump was known before assuming the reins of power in the largest country in the world, as a businessman and a former presenter of the reality TV show The Celebrity Apprentice for which he won two Emmy Awards, and also appeared in several cinematic and dramatic works in Hollywood, with secondary scenes His roles were limited to mere occasional appearances and his solutions as a guest and “exotic” for seconds, including: –

Home Alone 2: Lost

Trump’s appearance in the movie Home Alone 2 in 1992 is one of his most famous actings works despite his fleeting participation, especially since the film is one of the most famous Christmas films, which is shown on New Year’s Eve on many international stations.

Trump appeared in the movie wearing a long black coat, when Kevin (McCauley Culkin) lost his family for the second time and had to ask Donald about the direction to go out after the Monday meeting at the entrance to the luxurious “Plaza” Hotel in New York, to Trump, saying, “Go ahead. Turn left. ”

The irony is that Trump bought this hotel at the time and stipulated that it be given a role in the movie, according to a previous interview with American actor Matt Damon in 2017.

And last December, US President Donald Trump talked about his participation in the movie Home Alone 2, which deals with the celebration of Christmas, 27 years after it was filmed, long before entering the White House, and said that he was younger when he appeared in the movie, stressing that he was proud of Being a part of a job is the most successful of all


Ghosts Can’t Do It

Trump participated in the 1989 movie Ghosts Can’t Do It with actress Bo Derek, and appeared as his true character, and despite that, he won the Razzie Award for Worst Supporting Actor.


The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Trump appeared in this series The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air in 1990 with Will Smith, in one of the episodes with his true character, and “Donald” got into a fit of rage behind the scenes at the time because of his concern that his dialogue was not funny enough.

The Little Rascals

Trump appeared in the movie The Little Rascals in 1994, with a simple role as he talks on the phone with his son and repeats the phrase “You are the best boy money can buy.”


The Nanny

Trump appeared in the series The Nanny in 1996 alongside actress Fran Fine in an episode called The Rosie Show, as he visited her at home and kissed her, then picked up the phone and shouted to one of the callers, “I told you not to call me on this line again.” To appear rich and arrogant.


The Associate

In the same year, Trump appeared in the same clothes in the comedy film The Associate in a “cinematic shot” of just 30 seconds.


The Drew Carey show

Trump appeared with his real name in 1997 on the series The Drew Carey Show, and he appeared while walking on a New York street, meeting some friends in the crowd with their cars, then giving them tickets to watch a game.


Suddenly Susan

In the same year, Trump participated in the series Suddenly Susan, in a scene not exceeding 10 seconds, and presented the role of a poker player sitting next to actor Judd Nelson at the table in a restaurant.



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