Learn about Corona vaccines prices ... starting from $ 2.19

Media revealed that the price that the European Union pays for obtaining the American “Pfizer” vaccine against the emerging coronavirus is less than the price that the United States must pay.

According to Reuters, the American company “Pfizer” for pharmaceutical industries was a “breach of confidentiality”, after a Belgian official revealed the price of the dose of Corona vaccines that her country requested from the company.

The costs imposed on the European Union for the vaccine were classified, until a tweet showing the prices appeared, published by Belgian Foreign Minister Eva de Bleeker late Thursday.

Depending on the leaked prices, Bernstein Analytics conducted a comparison that showed that the European Union enjoys a 24 percent discount on the Pfizer vaccine, at a cost not exceeding $ 14.76 per dose, while the price of the same dose in the United States is $ 19.5.

The matter raised great surprise, especially since the delivery of the American Corona vaccine to Europe entails a greater shipping cost than its distribution inside the country.

Nevertheless, the European Union will pay a 20% more price for the American “Moderna” vaccine, which obtained approval by the American authorities for its use, on Friday.

Regardless of the cost of the vaccines, both the United States and the European Union countries are planning to distribute them among their people for free.

According to the leaks, the Corona vaccines will be sold at the following prices:

Moderna is $ 15 in the United States and $ 18 in the European Union.

Pfizer is $ 19.5 in the United States and 14.76 in the European Union.

Johnson & Johnson is $ 10 in the US and $ 10.46 in the European Union.

Sanofi is $ 10.5 in the United States and $ 9.3 in the European Union.

AstraZeneca, $ 4 in the US and $ 2.19 in the European Union.

“Pfizer and Biontech use a tiered pricing formula based on volume and delivery dates,” Pfizer said in a previous statement.

She added that the agreement with the European Commission to provide 200 million doses and the option to order 100 million additional doses represents “the largest initial request for our candidate vaccine so far.”

The spokeswoman for Pfizer for the Benelux region (Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg), Elizabeth Schribin, told the Belgian newspaper “Le Soir” that the publication of the prices is a violation of the confidentiality stipulated in the contract to sell the vaccine.


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