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The Washington Post revealed that President Donald Trump asked Georgia State Secretary Brad Raffensperger in a phone call to “find” about 12,000 votes to reverse the difference in votes with Joe Biden.

According to the newspaper, the Georgia state secretary, Trump, warned of criminal consequences if he did not respond to his allegations of fraud in the state election.

Trump urged  Raffensperger to “find” enough votes to reverse his defeat in an unusual hour-long phone call on Saturday that election experts said raised legal questions.

The newspaper obtained a recording of the conversation that Trump began by rebuking Ravensburger, begging him to act and threatening him with criminal consequences.

Throughout the call, Raffensperger and his office general counsel rejected Trump’s assertions, explaining that the president relies on exposed conspiracy theories and that President-elect Joe Biden’s victory by 11,779 votes in Georgia was fair and accurate.

Trump said during the call: “The people of Georgia are angry, the people in the country are angry … and there is nothing wrong with saying that you have prepared the account.”

“Well, Mr. President, your challenge is that the data you have is wrong,” said Raffensperger.

He added, “All I want to do is that … I just want to find 11,780 votes.”

Neither the White House nor the Trump campaign responded to a request for comment, and Raffensperger’s office declined to clarify.

According to the newspaper, which published excerpts of the call on its website, Trump used several methods in addressing the Georgia state secretary, ranging from flattery and pleading to reprimanding and threatening unclear criminal consequences if he refused to respond and even told him that he was taking a “big risk.”

On Sunday, Trump tweeted that he had spoken to Raffensperger, saying he was “unwilling or unable to answer questions like fraud, ballot papers under the table, about” out-of-state voters, deceased voters, and more. ”

Raffensperger responded with a tweet to the president: “With all due respect President Trump: What you are saying is not true.”


Source: “Washington Post”


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