Butch Powers one of Trump's lawyers
Butch Powers one of Trump’s lawyers

A number of lawyers in the defense team of former US President Donald Trump abandoned their mission to defend him a few days before his trial in the Senate as part of his impeachment mechanism, according to CNN and other US media outlets on Saturday.

The TV channel quoted unnamed sources as saying that five lawyers, including two who were supposed to lead the billionaire Republican agents’ team, retreated from his defense after disagreements over the modus operandi.

CNN reported that Trump wanted his lawyers to continue defending the hypothesis of massive fraud during the presidential elections that led to Democrat Joe Biden winning, instead of focusing on the legality of using an outgoing president, indicating that the former president was unwilling to Discuss it.

The channel pointed out that among these lawyers were Butch Bowers and Deborah Barbier, who was supposed to head the defense team for Trump.

And Jason Miller, a Trump adviser, confirmed in response to this press information, in a tweet, “We worked a lot, but we haven’t made a final decision about our legal team, we will do so soon.”

Trump’s trial on charges of “incitement to revolt” will begin on February 9, after his supporters stormed Congress on January 6. But with only five Republicans and the 50 Democrats in the Senate agreeing to go ahead with the trial, the required two-thirds majority – 67 senators – will likely not secure it.

Conversely, blaming Trump, a less severe measure of exclusion, requires a vote of no fewer than 10 Republican senators to adopt, which some believe is possible.


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