Serguei Lavrov
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov confirmed Moscow’s intention to prevent any review of the Russian-Azerbaijani-Armenian tripartite statement on Karabakh.

Lavrov said during a press conference, today, Tuesday: “We do not see at the present time any attempts to reconsider the statement that was issued. According to my understanding, Armenia is currently witnessing difficult discussions, and the 17 (Armenian) parties, which allied to support the interests of their country, have expressed “Our firm opposition to any attempts to review this statement. This is what we start from, and we will do everything in our power to prevent such attempts being taken, or to prevent their success if they are taken.”

The Minister expressed his surprise at the declaration of the representatives of the United States and France about the necessity of clarifying the details of the Russian-Azerbaijani-Armenian statement. Lavrov responded to a question on this subject, saying: “I was surprised when I heard this news. Since the beginning of the efforts that Russia was making to end the hot phase of this conflict, we have been working in close contact with our partners in the leadership of the Minsk Group,” referring to the group concerned with resolving The conflict in Karabakh, which was formed by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe in 1992 and which is chaired by three countries: Russia, France, and the United States.

And Lavrov continued: “Frankly, I think that such statements either reflect the lack of knowledge of the parties that make them know the facts, or come as a result of a misunderstanding.”

And last week, the leaders of Russia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan adopted a joint statement on a ceasefire in Karabakh from November 10. The statement, broadcast by Russian President Vladimir Putin, stipulated that Azerbaijani and Armenian forces would stop at their positions, conduct a prisoner exchange process, and deploy Russian peace-keeping forces in the region.

Source: RIA Novosti + TASS


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