Kylie Minogue
Her album Disco has been at the fore in Britain for 5 decades
Despite the beauty and development of modern music albums today, some critics confirm the ability of the distinguished pioneering old albums to achieve new successes long after their release, and of course, neither the albums nor their stars are equal in making continuous progress in the music exchange.
The lead album “Disco” holds No. 15 in career and balance on Kylie Minogue

According to the “Guardian” newspaper and the media, the international Australian singer Kylie Minogue, who is 52 years old, has become the first Australian woman and star whose album “Disco” is topped in Britain among the stars, for 5 decades, as her album “Disco” is issued Album lists.
More than 55,000 copies were downloaded and sold electronically over the Internet in a week.
“Disco,” in which Minogue reconsiders her musical roots in dancing, is number one in the UK, surpassing Cliff Richard, Elton John, and George Michael.
Kylie Minogue published a “video” on her account on the social networking site “Instagram”, expressing her great happiness at the release of her famous album “Disco”, in which Minogue presented songs and performed escape from reality in difficult times with hope and music.
The leading album “Disco” holds No. 15 in career and artistic balance of Kylie Minogue, and comes after her absence for two years since the release of her last album, “Golden”, in 2018.
Kylie Minogue competed with her album “Disco”, Little Mix albums, Shirley Basie, and Ariana Grande, who are third with her album.

Critics believe that Kylie Minogue is the sexiest and modest star

Critics consider her the most attractive and modest star

It is noteworthy that Kylie Minogue is collaborating with the British “Spice Girls”, Sher, Robbie Williams, and other celebrities to present a new song as part of a charitable art project with the BBC Orchestra, to raise financial donations for Children in Need in the United Kingdom. It will show an artistic play with the participation of a number of famous people.
Two million pounds were raised in the last year of 2019 for the charity that helps many underprivileged and needy children and youth in the United Kingdom, “Britain”.
Many critics and pop fans believe that the famous pop singer “Kylie Minogue” is the most attractive and modest star ever. She is not provocative, and she is not keen to compete with other pop stars, but rather that she is the most loyal and charming of her art, a generous artist and always eager to offer a helping hand. To others easily and modestly.



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