Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner, the model, reality star, and owner of the iconic American beauty brand, who is close to becoming the first billionaire in the Kardashians, was attacked by a strange attack while shopping for Christmas, so what happened to her? How did you escape this embarrassing situation?

Animal rights activists corner Kylie Jenner

According to TMZ, reality star, model, and owner of the famous cosmetics brand Kylie Jenner, 23, “Kim Kardashian’s half-sister,” was attacked on Saturday by a number of animal rights activists as she walked out of a store in the area High-end Beverly Hills, California, USA, where she was shopping for the Christmas holidays.

Details and secret of the attack
The reason for the attack on Jenner is her presence in a store that specializes in selling natural fur.
Kylie Jenner, the younger half-sister of reality TV star Kim Kardashian was leaving the store, she was surprised that animal rights activists surrounded her car in the parking lot and started shouting at her with loudspeakers, some of them filming her with their cell phones, and telling her, “Shame on you, you are a monster.” Skinning the animals alive.

Kylie Jenner’s chauffeur pulls her out from among the activists

Kylie Jenner’s private driver managed to get Kylie Jenner out of the crowd of animal rights activists with difficulty, while one of her bodyguards managed to remove a demonstrator from the lane of the car and leave the scene as quickly as possible.
A fox fur coat causes Kylie to be criticized and attacked
And Kylie Jenner was previously criticized for wearing furs, especially last year when she wore a leather coat, a coat made of fox fur.

Condition for the forwards to stop their exposure to Kylie 
Activists, according to some of them to “TMZ”, will continue to criticize Kylie Jenner, 23, until she meets their condition, that she announces that she will give up wearing fur in the future.

Officials of the “PETA” organization, which opposes the wearing of natural animal fur, wished Kylie Jenner to join other members of her family, in particular: Her older sister Kim Kardashian announces her abandonment of wearing natural fur, and announces that she will wear artificial fur instead. The organization “PETA” says: “There is no Something more hideous than stealing someone else’s skin. ”

It is noteworthy that the TV star Kylie recently topped Forbes magazine’s annual list of the highest-paid celebrities for 2020, as she was the only woman to occupy first place in this annual list with a gain of $ 590 million last year.
Kylie Jenner got the money after selling 51 percent of her cosmetics company, and she got $ 540 million before tax.

And this number surpassed the husband of her sister, the American rapper, Kanye West, who exceeded him a one-year wage by more than 420 million dollars, as his gain in 2019 last year reached 170 million only as a result of a deal he struck with a famous shoe brand under which he exploited a shoe launched by Kanye West and achieved financial returns. Annually high.
Kylie Jenner and her other sisters, including them: Kim Kardashian, are said to be worth more than a billion dollars, and she is the first Kardashian woman to run for her first billionaires to become the first billionaire from the Kardashian family.


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