Former King of Spain Juan Carlos
Former King of Spain Juan Carlos
Lawyers for the former King of Spain, Juan Carlos, reported that he paid more than 678,000 euros worth of money owed by him, including interest and fines.

Reuters quoted the lawyers as saying: “In any case, His Majesty King Juan Carlos remains, as always, at the disposal of the tax authority for any measure it deems necessary.”

The newspaper “El Pais” reported on the sixth of this month that Juan Carlos I, who abdicated the Spanish throne in 2014, submitted a tax form to the tax authority in the kingdom to settle his tax status.

The documents were provided by Javier Sanchez-Junko, the lawyer for the former king, and the tax authority must study the contents of the form in order to decide whether to accept the settlement and to determine the amount to be paid.

Source: Agencies + “Reuters”


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