Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian
After a disagreement occurred between the Kardashian family and the company that produced its long-running reality TV show that brought them global fame and super-rich riches and was caused by the decision to reduce their wages under the pretext of lower viewing rates for recent seasons than their penultimate seasons it seems that the Kardashian family is accustomed to appearing on television, and considers it its amulet, And she insists on continuing to appear on it for more years, even with a new TV platform.
American model and reality TV star Kim Kardashian and her family are back on TV with a big new media deal.

A media deal that allows the Kardashian family to continue their TV appearances

kendall jenner
Kendall Jenner

According to what the live broadcasting platform “Hulu” announced, on Thursday, December 10, that it had signed the deal with Kim Kardashian and her sisters, Kourtney and Chloe, and their half-sisters: Kylie and Kendall, and their mother, Kris Jenner, according to “Reuters”.

New content for the Kardashian family
According to the “Hulu” platform, according to the deal, Kim Kardashian and her sisters will create new content that will be broadcast on the “Hulu” channel owned by “Disney” in the United States and in several other countries.

Details secret
And the content of this new content, “Hulu” did not disclose whether Kardashian were her sisters, who have tens of millions of followers on sites “Instagram” and “Twitter”, Sazarn on the screen in the new content, and did not reveal the software details that women who would create, Under the constant agreement with them for years.

When the program will be broadcast
Hulu added that the new content of Kim Kardashian and her sisters is expected to appear for the first time late next year 2021.

Kim Kardashian and her sisters’ deal with Hulu comes 3 months after they announced the end of their world-famous reality TV show: Keeping up with The Kardashians, which lasted 14 years in its show, which was a major reason for their global fame and paved the way for a career in beauty and shows. Fashion.

It is noteworthy that this deal came at a convenient time for Kim Kardashian to recover from her psychological exhaustion with work and regular filming as a result of her constant attempts to preserve her marriage to rapper Kanye West, the father of her four children who suffers from bipolar disorder, who always supports him to maintain his mental health.
That is why Kim Kardashian adheres to the sacred bond of marriage between them and does not think of divorce despite all the crises that have threatened their marriage for years.


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