Kim Kardashian mediates with Trump to pardon a death row

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian has called on US President Donald Trump to pay clemency to Brandon Bernard, who will be executed today for a double murder in which he participated when he was 18.

The star tweeted, “My heart breaks with sadness when thinking of this execution, and I call on the president to reduce Brandon’s sentence and make him spend it in prison.”

And Kim Kardashian has demanded several times for clemency for prisoners who have been sentenced to death and has questioned their guilt. This time she did not express any doubts about Brandon Bernard’s involvement in the 1999 murder of a priest.

She had posted a tweet in late November stating that Brandon “participated in this crime, but his role was marginal compared to the other young men involved in it, and two of them were released from prison.” His mental development was not complete at the age of eighteen and a few months.

In 1999, he had participated in the kidnapping of Todd and Stacy Bigley with other young black men to compel them to withdraw cash. The couple was killed and their bodies burned in the car.

Some of the young men who participated in this crime were under the age of seventeen and had not been sentenced to death.

As for the shooter Christopher Villalva (19 years old at the time of the crime) and Brandon Bernard, who set the car on fire, they were sentenced to death by a federal court in 2000, because the crime took place on military land.

He received the first lethal injection in prison in September, a fate awaiting Brandon Bernard on Thursday evening.

Many demanded that the latter’s sentence be reduced due to his good behavior in prison and his lack of maturity at the time of the acts. Among these were members of a jury that had sentenced him to death and a former prosecutor who was responsible for this file.

And if there are no changes at the last minute, Brandon Bernard will be the eighth prisoner to carry out the death penalty against him since the punishment was reintroduced at the federal level after a 17-year hiatus.

Despite the epidemic that prompted the United States to suspend the implementation of sanctions of this kind and Trump’s loss in the elections, his administration intends to carry out four executions before the latter leaves the White House on January 20…


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