Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong Un

North Korean leader  Kim Jong Un declared that the United States is the “greatest enemy” of his country, stressing that Pyongyang has completed its plans to supply a nuclear-powered submarine, the official North Korean News Agency reported Saturday.

Kim told the eighth ruling of the ruling party, according to the agency, that North Korea “should be focused and developed,” describing the United States as “the biggest obstacle to our revolution and our biggest enemy.” These statements come less than two weeks before Joe Biden takes office as President of the United States, and at a time when relations between Kim and outgoing US President Donald Trump have seen turmoil.

Without naming Biden, Kim Jong Un said, “Whoever is in power (in the United States), the true nature of his policy against North Korea will never change,” according to the agency.

During the meeting, Kim said, “A new planning research for a nuclear submarine has been completed and is about to enter the final review process.” He added that his country should “continue to develop nuclear technology” and produce light and small-sized nuclear warheads to be used “in accordance with set goals.” The North Korean leader made these statements before the party, during a three-day meeting, the details of which were reported by the official agency on Saturday.

Talks over North Korea’s nuclear arsenal came to a halt when the Hanoi summit between Trump and Kim collapsed over what North Korea might be willing to give up in exchange for sanctions relief.

The first historic meeting between Trump and Kim in Singapore in June 2018 resulted in nothing but a vaguely worded pledge on nuclear disarmament, and their second summit in Vietnam eight months later aimed to build on that pledge but ended without an agreement.

The North Korean regime has an inherent hatred towards Biden for his role in the administration of former US President Barack Obama (2009-2017) when he was Vice President, and because of the principle of “strategic patience” that he adopted towards Pyongyang. This principle is based on the rejection of any dialogue if the North Korean regime does not make concessions first. Pyongyang previously described Biden as a “mad dog” who should be “beaten to death”, while the US president-elect described the North Korean leader as a “thug”.


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