Kelly Clarkson
Kelly Clarkson

The main reason for the separation of a number of Western celebrities is treason or money, and after the separation, some spouses compete to expose the other in the media, to prove that he was a victim.

According to Hola, the American pop singer Kelly Clarkson, who is 38 years old and who won two Grammy awards, is not afraid to stand and fight legally against her ex-husband, Brandon Blackstock, whom she has legally accused of defrauding her for more than a decade. Years”.

According to what was stated in the file of a legal case filed by American pop singer Kelly Clarkson against her husband, Brandon Claxstock, Kelly’s ex-husband, Brandon Claxstock, has overpaid for his services as a director of Kelly Clarkson since 2007, as Brandon entered into a verbal agreement with the company: “Starstruck Management Group” and was Brandon and his father Narvel Blackstock are major partners in it.

Singer Kelly Clarkson, 38, has filed a “fraud” case in the California Labor Commissioner, claiming: “The verbal labor agreement that her ex-husband entered into with the aforementioned company, he and his father are two main partners in which is a fraudulent method to deceive her, as Kelly Clarkson said that the father Son Blackstock has not obtained an official license to act as agents for talent in California, and on this legal basis, Kelly Clarkson’s legal attorney demanded that all agreements with the company managing its business be declared null and unenforceable.

Kelly demands a refund

Kelly Clarkson, her husband, Brandon Blackstock, and their children
Kelly Clarkson, her husband, Brandon Blackstock, and their children

In addition to the legal demands to cancel her agreement with the aforementioned company, Kelly is also demanding a full refund of her money that went as financial fees, which she paid from 2007 to the current year 2020, where she described these financial fees as “unreasonable” and that she paid for “illegal” services “.

Starstruck Management Group also claimed that singer Kelly refuses to pay commissions of $ 1.4 million.

The Blackstock family’s legal team said that it is unfortunate that Kelly Clarkson is trying to avoid paying commissions due, and because of her claim she is trying to obtain an “advantage” in the divorce proceedings and custody of the two children, “River Rose – five years,” and Remington Alexander – 4 years. ”

The company claims to be the one who “developed Kelly Clarkson into a giant star.”

It is noteworthy that Kelly Clarkson fought legally and won custody of her two children from her ex-husband, Brandon Blackstock.


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