Johnson is optimistic about a post-Brexit deal.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed Wednesday that he is “optimistic” about reaching an agreement with the European Union regarding the post-Brexit phase, despite the deadlock reached in negotiations and the tension caused by a British bill that waives some of London’s obligations.

“This is not what we want,” the conservative British leader said when addressing the implications of not reaching an agreement. “This is not what our friends and partners in the European Union want from us. So I am optimistic that (lack of agreement) will not be the result of” negotiations, he added.

Johnson made his remarks in response to questions from various committee that includes the heads of committees of the British Parliament.

But he refused to back down on the bill that waives some of Britain’s obligations under the deal governing its exit from the European Union at the end of January.

The text, which the government itself acknowledges as violating international law, passed

the first stage on Monday in the British Parliament despite the opposition of part of the conservative camp, with its adoption with the approval of 340 deputies and the opposition of 263. But the next stages in the British Parliament do not seem guaranteed.

The Europeans have given London until the end of this month to withdraw these controversial measures, especially with regard to a protocol that avoids the return of the physical borders between Ireland and Northern Ireland, otherwise, it may expose itself to prosecutions.

“I would prefer that we have safeguards that guarantee the unity and territorial integrity of this country and protect against the possibility of a split in the United Kingdom,” Johnson said.



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