John Bishop
John Bishop

Celebrities may also overlook some of the precautionary measures advised by health authorities in all the world, causing them to expose themselves to infection, and admit this too late, hoping that others will take more caution to prevent this virus stalking them, and the most recent infected was the British star, John Bishop.

British comedian John Bishop, aged 54, announced that he had been infected with the new Coronavirus, “Covid 19”, in social media, through his accounts on social media sites, including the site “Instagram”, and this was done by publishing a picture of the result of the Coronavirus test “BBC The most accurate PCR that he conducted, and the test result showed his name and date of birth, and unfortunately came back positive.

He discovered his infection at Christmas

He commented on the picture, saying: “It came on Christmas Day. This was the worst disease I have ever suffered from, incredible headache, body and muscle soreness, no appetite, nausea, dizziness, unbelievable chronic fatigue. My wife and I are non-smokers.”.

Bishop added, “I know the statistics indicate that the survival rate is 99.9%, but that does not mean that I wish this experience to anyone, keep your safety.”

His fans support him with gentle words
John Bishop received dozens of thin e-mails rich in love and hope, encouraging him to resist the virus, and they called him to defeat him by force of will, wished him a speedy recovery, and asked him to confront the virus strongly while he was standing on his feet.

Will return to work

John Bishop
John Bishop

John Bishop thanked his fans for his support through his official account on the social networking site “Twitter”, saying: “Thank you for all the support messages after I tested positive for the Coronavirus recently. I was affected by the amount of private and public messages, and it grew stronger every day, and I will return to work in January. For your safety and Happy New Year to you. ”
John Bishop is supposed to join an artwork called: “Doctor Who”
A character named Dan, who wrote for him after negotiations began with him to join the work before the spread of the Corona epidemic in Britain and the world.


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