Democratic candidate in the US presidential election, Joe Biden, was able to formally secure the support of a majority of members in the Electoral College after California confirmed his victory in the vote

On Friday, California State Secretary Alex Padilla confirmed Biden’s victory in the vote against Republican President Donald Trump, giving the Democratic candidate another 55 votes in the 538-member electoral college.

The Associated Press confirmed that the number of votes that Biden has officially won so far in the compound has thus become 279, which exceeds nine votes the percentage of support a candidate needs in the American presidential elections to ensure his victory.

Three other states confirming Biden’s victory (namely, Colorado, Hawaii, and New Jersey) have not yet officially ratified the results of the vote, and Biden’s support within the electoral college is expected to reach 306 votes compared to Trump’s 232.

The electoral college is scheduled to meet on December 14 to choose a new president. The results of his vote will be subsequently transmitted to Congress for approval on January 6.

Most of the United States’ laws require voters to support the winning state candidate.

Trump, who refuses to admit his defeat, has filed at least 50 lawsuits with the aim of reviewing the voting results in a number of crucial states in which Biden won, namely Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, and more than 30 of these cases were dropped, according to the “Associated Press.”

Source: Associated Press


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