Joe Biden
Joe Biden
US President-elect Joe Biden played down the importance of the administration of outgoing President Donald Trump’s refusal to cooperate in preparing for the transfer of power to a new administration after the latter’s loss in the presidential elections.

From his hometown of Wilmington, Delaware, Biden told reporters, “Their lack of intention to acknowledge our victory does not affect us at this stage much on our planning.”

Biden considered that the refusal of outgoing President Donald Trump to acknowledge his defeat in the presidential elections constitutes a “source of embarrassment” for the latter, which will negatively affect his political legacy.

“I honestly believe that it is a source of embarrassment,” Biden said, referring to Trump’s refusal to acknowledge his defeat on November 3. He added that he was “tactful” by saying, “I think this will not serve the president’s political legacy.”

Biden confirmed that he “looks forward” to talking with Trump. In response to a journalist’s question what he could say to Trump if the latter was following his press conference, Biden said, smiling and looking forward to the camera, “Mr. President, I look forward to talking with you.”

‘America is back’

Biden announced Tuesday that America “is back” on the international scene, expressing “confidence” in his ability to restore international “respect” for his country.

He said that he spoke by phone to six heads of state and “told them that America is back and is no longer only America,” pointing out that their response was “enthusiastic (…) and I am confident that we will succeed in regaining the respect that America previously enjoyed.”


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