Media: An Israeli spy who can return to his country

A Hebrew channel expected that the Israeli spy, Jonathan Pollard, who is being held in the United States, will be able to return to his country, starting Friday.

The Israeli Broadcasting Corporation “Kan” reported, Friday morning, that Pollard, who was released five years ago, is expected to be able to travel and return to Israel, after spending 30 years in American prisons, on charges of spying on the United States.

Pollard, an Israeli, had used his position as a civilian intelligence analyst in the US Navy to leak information for the benefit of his country. He was arrested on charges of spying for Israel, and he was sentenced to prison in 1986.

The Hebrew Channel confirmed on its website that Pollard has been subjected to severe American restrictions on movement, since his release, as a GPS device was attached to his body, and he was not allowed to leave New York, and he was forced not to leave his home at night, and he was prevented from leaving the United States in general.

The channel pointed out that Pollard can immigrate to Israel, as according to the protocol in American law, the restrictions imposed on the Israeli spy will be null tomorrow, 5 years after the date of his release, which took place on November 20, 2015.

The channel wrote on its official account on “Twitter”, its report entitled “Pollard to Israel … and his family is preparing to receive him in the country.”

It is noteworthy that the release of Jonathan Pollard, the Israeli spy in the United States, was one of the main files on the agenda of any joint Israeli-American meeting or dialogue, as US presidents refused to release Pollard, despite the continuous Israeli demands for his release.


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