On Monday, Israeli media reported that the Israeli airline, Israir, had obtained approval from Saudi authorities to use Saudi airspace to travel to the UAE.

The next Israeli flight to Dubai is scheduled to take off in the next few hours.

According to the Israeli website i24 news, an American source said that the issue of flight permits for Israeli airlines in Saudi Arabia to the UAE and Bahrain has been resolved after talks with Jared Kushner and Avi Berkowitz, with senior Saudi officials.

This, and the “Yusayer” flight will depart tomorrow, Tuesday, at ten in the morning for Jerusalem time, and its passengers will enjoy a significant reduction in the flight time, which reaches about three hours.

On flights that do not pass over Saudi Arabian airspace, the route significantly extends the flight time and renders it unprofitable.

Israir will be the first to launch one of two daily flights, as Arkia will join it starting from Thursday, and El Al will launch its own line from December 9th.

Senior Israeli officials indicate that it is not clear why Saudi Arabia has not granted permission for flights that were expected to depart to Dubai tomorrow, so Israel turned to the US administration and requested assistance.

According to the Israeli website, “the Americans contacted the Saudis, who made it clear that the request for transit permits in the airspace had not been routed properly and requested that transit requests are directed through other channels, and after clarifying the matter, Saudi Arabia granted the necessary permits to transfer to flights.”

Source: i24 news Israeli


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