Israel says its last word on "molestation teacher"

On Wednesday, Israel’s justice minister said he had signed an order to deport former teacher Malka Leifer to Australia, where she will face charges of pedophilia.

Avi Nissenkorn said that after “a saga that lasted for years, it was morally responsible for Israel to deportMalka Leifer” according to the Associated Press.

The Israeli justice minister signed the order a day after the country’s Supreme Court rejected what appeared to be Leifer’s latest appeal.

The legal battle continued for 6 years, which led to strained relations between Israel and Australia.

Nissenkorn did not announce the date of the deportation, but Manny Wax, the activist who represents the victims, said that he expected the deportation to take place within 60 days, and posted a tweet on Twitter in which he said: “A wonderful day of justice.”

Leifer is a former teacher accused of sexual abuse of several students at a Melbourne Jewish school. She has fought the deportation order since 2014, asserting her innocence.


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